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Dance and Wearable Computing: Cultures, Fashions and Design

Facilitated by: MichèleDanjoux (Nottingham) with Yvonne Watson (Nottingham), Thecla Schiphorst (Vancouver), Erin Manning (SenseLab, Montreal).


This workshop dedicated to interdisciplinary approaches and knowledge and to the importance of first person methodologies and user experience.

We examined practices of the body and bodily connectivity, reflecting on both inter-body and intra-body exchange. The use of garment is significant, as both wearable interface (Danjoux & Watson) and as integral step in a progression system - mapping our physical state of being (Schiphorst).

We observed the interaction of bodies and movement responses and acknowledge the incipient, invisible but palpable link between action bodies; the 'interval' - the not yet there in terms of movement (Manning) and more specifically in terms of garment (Danjoux, 'Emergent Dress').

Together, we explored ways of harnessing technology as a personal, sensory, expressive and highly responsive tool to a more heightened emotional and physically aware state.

(Michèle Danjoux)

(Helenna Ren performing in "tedr" (telematic performance linking Nottingham/Arizona/Sydney) wearing Michele Danjoux design prototype)


For a critical essay on the theme of "wearables", see Thecla Schiphorst's essay, included in the special issue of International Journal of Performance Arts and Digital Media (2:2, 2006) dedicated to Digital Cultures Lab.
Thecla Schiphorst
"Breath, Skin and Clothing: Using Wearable Technologies as an Interface into Ourselves"


For critical notes on the design concepts for the "telematic dress" performed at the Lab (linking with Arizona and Sydney), see the

pages of the DAP Lab.

summary description of the "emergent dress"


Links to ongoing research and to workshop participants' presentations at the DC / Radiator conference

Abstract by Erin Manning

Abstract by Yvonne Watson

Web link for Thecla Schiphorst and her "Whisper" Research Project

Web link for Michèle Danjoux/Johannes Birringer/DAP Lab


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Workshop outcomes and further resarch developments in dance technologies continue here

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coordinated by Johannes Birringer (London)



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