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Unstable Landscapes: Dance improvisation within Cognitive Systems (Bottom-up architectures of performance and multimedia design):


Facilitated by: Marlon Barrios Solano (New York), with Jaime del Val (Madrid)


For a critical essay on ideas developed and discussed in this workshop, see Jaime del Val's essay, included in the special issue of International Journal of Performance Arts and Digital Media (2:2, 2006) dedicated to Digital Cultures Lab.


Jaime del Val

"Situated Tèkhne
Beyond the performative: Metaformative bodies and the politics of technology in post-postmodernism


For a link to Marlon Barrios Solano's very information blog website listing many important links to interaction design and new tools.

real-time techne.2.0
improvisation, interactivity, generativity, performance and digital life


Workshop outcomes and further resarch developments in dance technologies continue here

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coordinated by Johannes Birringer (London)



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