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the emergent dress


(Helenna Ren performing in "tedr" (telematic performance linking Nottingham/Arizona/Sydney) wearing Michele Danjoux design prototype)

First exhibited at Wearable Futures, Newport, Wales (September 05)


The "emergent dress" project, developed at the DAP Lab, involves transdisciplinary intersections between fashion and live performance, interactive system architecture, electronic textiles, wearable technologies, choreography, and anthropology. Centered around a series of live telematic performances created with remote partners, this research project explores new ideas for movement technologies and garment design in an arts and digital research context. The concept on an "evolving" garment design that is materialized (moved) in live performance originates from DAP Lab's experimentation with telematics and distributed media addressing "connective tissues" through a study of perception/proprioception in the wearer (tactile sensory processing) and the dancer/designer/viewer relationship. Since 2005 this exploration is conducted as cross-cultural communication with online performance partners in Europe, the US, Brazil and Japan. The inter-active space is predicated on transcultural questions: how does the movement with an evolving design and wearable interactive sensors travel, how does movement - and capturing of movement - allow the design to emerge toward a garment statement, and how are bodies-in-relation-to sensory fabrics affected by the multidimensional kinesthetics of a media-rich, responsive environment?


December 2005, Johannes Birringer*

(Collaborating artist and lab co-facilitator: Michèle Danjoux, Fashion, Nottingham Trent University)


*The DAP Lab was operating at NTU during 2004-2005 and then moved to Brunel University, London, where it is housed now.


Web link for Michèle Danjoux/Johannes Birringer/DAP Lab


2006: Design Project: Klüver

Exhiburted at DRHA Dartington College of Arts, September 2006, and Prague Quadrennial, Design in Motion Festival, Czech Republic, June 2007

2007 Start of new Design Project: Suna no Onna

For a description of the Suna no Onna collection,

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London premiere of Suna no Onna is Saturday, December 8, 19:30, Laban Center


2008 Projects

Proposal for Dallas Social Fabrics Exhibition 2008


Klüver presented at International ArtExpo - After Urban . Video Art & Architecture event

After Urban - Video Art & Architecture event at the 4th Edition of the International Experimental Film Festival Carbunari 2007 in Florean Museum, Baia Mare, Romania (November 16-17, 2007).

After Urban - Video Art & Architecture event at Monkeytown in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, New York (December 7-23, 2007).

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