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Performance and Motion-Capture: Real Time 3D VR and Digital Worlds, Transformations of the Body.

Facilitated by: Simon Biggs/ Sue Hawksley (Sheffield), with Hellen Sky (Melbourne), Guy Hilton, and guests.


See Sue Hawksley and Simon Biggs' research essay included in the special issue of International Journal of Performance Arts and Digital Media (2:2, 2006) dedicated to Digital Cultures Lab.

Sue Hawksley and Simon Biggs

"Memory maps in interactive dance environments"



Workshop Comments by Arthur Elsenaar:


Concerning the Digital Cultures lab, I've read Sue Hawksley's and Simon Biggs' text
about the workshop and can agree with what they brings up there.
Personally I liked the experience with the mocap rig as the level of
control another person (dancer) can have over another person’s face is
unprecedented and goes beyond experiments I have done earlier. What I
did in the lab was a quick and dirty hack with the help of Guy and
not more than that, but it surely gives reason for future exploration.

I like to add that as part of my PhD at Sheffield Hallam, I'm
developing a new generation of facial stimulus device that will allow
even more precise control over the facial muscles, will have more
outputs, will be more comfortable in terms of the stimulating pulses
and will be portable and wireless. This seems quite a bit of
improvement, but I'm in the fourth generation of development now and
you know how it works with technology, the never ending circle of

Besides the tech, in my work I'm heading for true algorithmic facial
choreography pieces, and last autumn we premiered two new pieces:
Morphology and Face Shift that were exactly that; precise computer
control over the facial muscles resulting in shifting facial patterns
resembling minimalist sixties tape experiments

(March 2006)




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