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Workshop 8.

Unstable Landscapes: Dance improvisation within Cognitive Systems (Bottom-up architectures of performance and multimedia design)

facilitated by Marlon Barrios Solano, with Jaime del Val


 Improvisational  dance performance  is a technology of  composition in real-time, an interplay between "design and desire", between the architecture of the system and the cognitive processes of perception, memory and imagination.  I introduce  the notions of post-humanism, bottom-up architectures of design and distributed agency as an exploration of  improvisational dance within multimedia system: a cognitive system of rules, computer interfaces and metaphors. Important implications for notions of agency, autonomy and control will be explored. A portable real-time sound and video system for real-time solo improvisation  designed with maxmsplitter  an alternative interfaces such as game controllers will be tested.

 Activity, time and space and interface will be explored  with the the portable nomadic installation project:




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