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Workshop 6. Color Blind. Interaction between Light, Projections and Dance Movements

facilitated by Daniela Zehnder


Workprocessus: Projections and Lights LCD-Projections, Video- and Slide-projections are overlapping in space and become part of the spatial installation; the projections are combined with abstract patterns of lights, with pictures of daily Indian street life and with places and indoor spaces seen in the Indian environment. The dancers are moving like living figures in this visual world. Their movements integrate or are contrasting the intense ³3-D-Liveperformance². Colourful beams and intense lights will be mixed with the projections. The rhythm of the moving image-sequences and the timing of the light-choreography complete each other.

About the project: Color blind the collaboration with the light-designer Antje Brückner, the She-DJ Nadia Vassalli and an international team of choreographers are the base for the project. In collaboration with the Attakkalari Centre for Movement Arts the project has been planned and prepared in Switzerland and is going to be realized and set together in 2006 in Bangalore in India. Colors from daily live in India are used for the Projections and will be mixed with lightcolors and digital prepared materials.



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