Pizzurno Revisited


by Margarita Bali



PIZZURNO PIXELADO had its premiere in Buenos Aires in September 2005.

Margarita writes:

The audience, stoically standing on the open plaza on a rather cold
evening, were very amazed by the effect of all those faces, body parts and projections on the huge building. I included many trompe l'oeil effects that
were very effective and on the whole it was an incredible event, and the festival organizers and culture minister were impressed. For me and my
team it was a nerve racking experience. I worked 6 months on my computer editing images that I had filmed with the dancers (mostly on chromakey
backgrounds) , I never really knew how much we would see and how exactly the edited windows would match with the real windows, and with the live dancers and the full blast music. I only knew the night before and luckily it all matched very well. It was really fantastic to see that huge building come
alive. I filmed the whole event and will now take a week and edit the video of the live performance.


. . .

The work is 30 minutes long and it has a musical composition and a sequential order as any live performance or movie does. I imagine it can be seen walking into the room at any point. Some chairs can be placed around or people can sit on the floor. It is in a way almost like watching a puppet show.

The model is 120 cm Wide, 93 cm high and 30 cm deep. It will sit directly on a table, with each of the three projectors to the side on small pedestals, which have to be at the same level or maybe a little higher. The projectors have to be at approximately 170 cm to 200 cm distance from the model (one in front and two towards the back). This means the installation per se needs a space of 4 meters deep and about 4 meters wide. Then there is the space for the people to stand or sit in front of it