Yvonne Watson





(Nottingham Trent University, Nottingham/UK)


Yvonne Watson is the Programme Leader for MA Applied Design, which encompasses Fashion Knitwear Design, Decorative Arts and Textile Design and Innovation. Her education interests relate to Art and Design pedagogy, theory and practice, within Applied Design, including conceptual design thinking, and idea generation. Current pedagogic interests are in the area of reflective practice and its part in the design development process. The MA Applied design centralises on three separate functioning disciplines areas but students are encouraged to think about cross disciplinarity, innovation and experimentation within the subject area. Her research interests are in relation to the notion of the Diaspora and the migrant process, and the ways in which new forms of dialogue and expressions, exemplified in popular cultural forms and visual & textual culture, become modes and sites of articulation for theories around hybridity, syncretic cultures, cultural borders, re-locations and re-negotiation.



Link to Yvonne's participation in the design workshop, Thursday December 1.