Sue Thomas




( School of Media and Cultural Production, DeMontort University/UK)


Sue Thomas was born in Leicester, UK; her parents were from The Netherlands but the de Vos family settled in England, moving house many times during her growing up and forming a tiny foreign island which drifted through English culture but never quite joined it. Although she has lived in the North, the South, and the Midlands, only cyberspace has really felt like home. Her books include the novel Correspondence, short-listed for several prizes including the Arthus C Clarke Award; Water, anovel of fluids, imaginations and passions, and an edited anthology Wild Women: Contemporary Short Stories by Women Celebrating Women.

In 2004 she published her latest book, Hello World: travels in virtuality (Raw Nerve Books), a story of a life online, part travelogue and part memoir, drawing on her online travels as well as her physical journeys in the USA, Australia, Spain and England.

She has been Artistic Director of the trAce Online Writing Center and a Reader in New Media at the Nottingham Trent University, and recently accepted a new position as Professor of Media and Cultural Production at DeMontfort University. There she is creating a new course in online writing and will direct the Narrative Lab.