Sophia Lycouris







Sophia Lycouris is a dance and video artist, performer, company director and academic with background in dance. Through collaborative projects, she creates interdisciplinary and multimedia work (including digital media) which bring together elements of movement, sound and image as part of choreographic environments in site-specific and gallery spaces. In 1997 she founded kunstwerk-blend, a project-based company committed to interdisciplinary, hybrid and collaborative work. Sophia Lycouris is a Reader in Interdisciplinary Choreography at the Nottingham Trent University and was an Arts and Humanities Research Board Fellow in Creative and Performing Arts between 2000 and 2003.

She has directed and produced for kunstwerk-blend a variety of collaborative work including live performances (Stories in D -1997 & 1999, yo-land - 1998 & 2000, building - 2002), performance/installations (Borderlander -1999,homezone - 2001, body provisional - 2002), video installations (next2 - 1999, BODYSIGHT - 2001, ROOMS and PLANTS - 2002) and technology-based pieces that involve webcast (trans/forms - 1999, string - 2000). kunstwerk-blend has presented work both in Britain and abroad in festivals (UK: Mosaics 1998, BodySpaceImage 1999, Digital Summer 1999, Dance on Screen 2001, USA: FringeNYC 1999 and 2000, France: Instants Choregraphiques 2000), competitions (Romania: Eurodans 1999) and academic conferences (USA: International dance and Technology 1999 and Performative Sites 2000, UK: Performance Studies International, 1999). kunstwerk-blend has received funding from London Arts (homezone, 2001), the Arts Council of England (BODYSIGHT, 2001), Future Physical Commission by Shinkansen, The Junction and Arts Council East England (IntelligentCITY, 2002-2006) and has been supported by The Jerwood Space, London and The Nottingham Trent University, Nottingham.