Scott deLahunta

(Amsterdam/The Netherlands)

Scott deLahunta began in the arts as a choreographer and dancer. He now works out of Amsterdam as a researcher, writer, consultant and organiser on a wide range of international projects bringing performing arts into conjunction with other disciplines and practices. Since 1992, as a partner of Writing Research Associates (WRA) based in the United Kingdom, he has organized numerous workshop/symposia projects, including for example "Conversations on Choreography" (an itinerate conference that took place in Amsterdam, Barcelona and Cork). In 1996, Scott organized "Connecting Bodies," the first conference in the Netherlands to address the overlap between dance and emerging technologies. He has been a member of the international dance and technology network for many years now and has been instrumental in networking, organising, advocating and facilitating research projects. Among many others, he recently organized the series of Tech Labs at Monaco Dance Forum in 2000, 2002 and 2004. In early 2002 he co-organized, with Johannes Birringer, the international think-tank "New Performance Tools: Technologies / Interactive Systems² at the Ohio State University (USA), originally conceived of as a follow up to ³Software for Dancers ², a London-based action research project organised in Autumn 2001 at Sadlerıs Wells Theatre. The London project was set up to develop concepts for new software rehearsal tools to support and augment the choreographerıs creative process, while the OSU Think Tank involved broader questions of interactivity and brought toegther artists from North and South America. Recently, Scott facilitated the "Choreography and Cognition" project that brought together Wayne McGregor's Random Dance Company with experimental psychologists and scientists at Cambridge University. Scott is also one of the original creators of the dtz archive and dance-tech maillist, and he has many publications on dance, technology and the history of performance and technology (see website link below).

He is an Associate Research Fellow at Dartington College of Arts and an affiliated researcher with Crucible, an interdisciplinary research network within the University of Cambridge. He taught theory and composition classes at the School for New Dance Development, Amsterdam, and returns there to teach on occasion. He now lectures on a post-graduate course in Choreography at the Amsterdam School for the Arts. As a member of the Editorial Boards of the International Journal of Performance and Digital Media and Performance Research, he is committed to the documentation, publishing, and dissemination of performance related research in general as well as more specifically in relation to the development of emerging technologies.



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