Richard Brown







Richard Brown has a BSc in Computers & Cybernetics and an MA in Fine Art and creates interactive artworks using multi-media technology, computer programming, electronics and interfacing. Between 1995 and 2001 Richard was a Research Fellow at the Royal College of Art, where he created and exhibited three major interactive works Alembic, Biotica and the Mimetic Starfish (illustrated) and published the book "Biotica: Art, Emergence and Artificial-Life". Richard has attracted awards from Intel, The Arts Council, Sci-Art and NESTA. Between 2002 and 2003 Richard was an artist in residence at the VCA Melbourne University, Australia.Between November 2004 - 2005 Richard particapted in the EPIS entrepreneurial scheme hosted at Edinburgh University and in July 2005 won an Ideasmart award to develop an innovative lighting product. Commencing from November 2005, Richard will be Research Artist in Residence in the Institute of Informatics, Edinburgh University.