Nuria Font





(Barcelona, Spain)


Núria Font Solā , Barcelona-based video maker, specialized in the performing arts. Independent curator of video and electronic art. Director of the Mostra de VideoDansa and Nu2šs ­ an image, dance and new media project. Director of VAD, the Video and Digital Arts international festival of Girona.

She began working in various areas of video in the early 80s in Madrid and Barcelona, including the Spanish public television program Metropolis, commercial video and documentaries, but gradually focused on making independent videos and organising, promoting and distributing dance video works and events. In 1996 she began a 7-year collaboration with the Centre dšArt Santa Mōnica, as director of a regular program of video art screenings, the Mostra dšArts Electrōniqes and the Mostra de VideoDansa.

She has been the director of the annual VAD festival ( since 2003, and directed the Estavar-Lliva video festival in 2000. She is president of the association Nu2šs, and directs the associationšs project, which revolves around distribution, production, education and documentation relating to image, dance and new media ( She has curated video programs for many Spanish and international festivals, exhibitions and biennales, and collaborates with the Caixaforum Mediateca in Barcelona, selecting audiovisual works for the media library collection, coordinating the DansaTec conferences and as a curator for special events. She participates in various research projects, including the DAMPF international lab and the Dansa Virtual group in Barcelona, which organised and created a Motion Capture Lab as one of various collaborations with the Universitat Pompeu Fabrešs audiovisual institute, the IUA. She has designed and directed workshops such as the recent Animaciō Coreografica, and last yearšs professional lab Moviment i Digits.

Her pedagogic work includes dance video and new media workshops in many countries, and she is a lecturer and consultant in the Curating Art and New Media Masters program at MECAD-ESDI in Barcelona and ERAM in Girona. As a video maker, she has an ongoing professional relationship with three Catalan companies, Mudances (Āngels Margarit), Mal Pelo (Maria Muņoz and Pep Ramis) and Gelabert/Azzopardi, working with them to document projects, create audiovisual woks and participate with video elements for live performances.