Nina Pope





(London & Cumbria, UK)


The commissioned artists Nina Pope & Karen Guthrie, along with Simon Pope, will give their first public presentation on their new works, both centred around the juxtaposition of supposed objectivity of recorded data versus the subjectivity of individual experience in time and memory.


Nina Pope (b 1968) and Karen Guthrie (b 1970) live and work in London and Cumbria respectively. After studying together at Edinburgh College of Art they completed MAšs in London and began their collaborative and solo careers in 1995. They launched their creative organisation Somewhere in 2002, and have led diverse projects with an emphasis on new audiences and innovative technology. They also maintain academic posts and work extensively as visiting tutors, and in professional development for artists.


Sometimes Later - Charade

Private View is an Arts Council England and BBC Artists' Commissions .

During the Symposium, there will be a first Public Presentation of the Private View collaborative commissions, and the commissioned artists will be present. These commissions were made with the aim to produce work which reflects cultural changes in a technology driven, networked society.