Michèle Danjoux


(Nottingham Trent University, Nottingham/UK)


Michèle Danjoux is a fashion designer, illustrator and Senior Lecturer in Fashion at The Nottingham Trent University's College of Arts & Design and The Built Environment. In her role as an educator, Michèle is primarily interested in the generation of creative, flexible learning environments which foster new and innovative approaches to design. She has initiated a number of collaborative and publicly exhibited projects linking fashion design with the wider arts and culture. These include: Archaeology Revealed, Satellites of Fashion and Textures of Memory. She is co-director of DAP-Lab.

Michèle recently presented her design concepts for the "emergent dress" and the "telematic dress" at the Wearable Futures Conference (University of Wales, Newport 2005), where she and Johannes Birringer had been invited to exhibit a film installation on recent collaborative online design experiments the Nottingham DAP-Lab has carried out with the Department of Dance at Arizona State University. She was also invited to present her concepts at "Globalization of the Fashion Industry," the 7th Annual IFFTI International Conference at Bunka Women's University in Tokyo, Japan (2005).

website: http://art.ntu.ac.uk/performance_research/birringer/tedress.htm