Keiko Courdy


(Paris/France & Kyoto/Japan)


Keiko Courdy is a French artist; she directs performances and creates immersive environments using the digital media. She holds a doctorate of Tokyo University, and teaches as associate professor at Kyoto University of Art and Design since April 2004. She has a course on mixed-media performances. Using different kinds of systems in performance and installations, she is particularly interested in the new possibilities of perception offered by the development of new technologies. Science-fiction and reflection on the future are constant themes throughout all her work. Her current work is titled AYA, an installation-performance project inspired by the concept of interactive cinema in Final Fantasy x computer game. She founded KI transdisciplinary performance structure, a non profit organization to create performances, installations and films, in 2000.

AYA is an installation-performance project based on Japanese Computer game and using a Chat system in the performance space where the audience talks in live with the character and chooses the scenes he wants to dancers to dance, in any order and how many times he wants. Keiko created it in Japan and toured with it last year, and she is now planning now to tour with it in Europe next year.