John Mitchell

(Department of Dance, Arizona State University)


John D. Mitchell is a multi-disciplinary composer, educator and researcher committed to using technology for expanding sensory and creative experiences in the arts and education. Mr. Mitchell has worked with artists from around the world to design and realize projects ranging from multimedia dance archives to interactive multi-site distributed performances.

In 1987, Mitchell and choreographer Gary Lund created Movement Initiated Sound Events (MISE), one of the earliest dance works to use a personal computer and optical sensors for creating a completely interactive, performer driven sound score. Over the next three-years Mitchell and Lund produced several dance-driven, interactive multimedia works for the stage, often collaborating with visual artists and live musicians.

Upon joining Arizona State University in 1990 Mitchell became a founding member of the Institute for Studies in the Arts. At the Institute, Mr. Mitchell was instrumental in pioneering the development of the Intelligent Stage both as a concept and a facility where he continued to work for the next ten years as a composer, director and interactive media designer. Mr. Mitchell has collaborated with numerous artists to create performance works that have been staged throughout United States and abroad.

John D. Mitchell currently directs the graduate emphasis in Dance and Technology and teaches interdisciplinary media and telematics courses in the Department of Dance at Arizona State University.