Hellen Sky





(Company in Space, Melbourne/Australia)

Hellen Sky is a creative co-director of Company in Space. Her practice has evolved through performance and image making extended through new technologies. In CIS projects she collaborates with others to develop scores, and systems for integrating multiple media and technologies into a total choreography for performative events, linking virtual physical terrains to the general public.

Previous work posed the question: Where do flesh, fragile bone, senses and perceptions fit into the new geographies of the late twentieth century? Also explored were concepts of presence, and identity within virtual reality.


John McCormick is artistic co-director of Company in Space. He is a choreographer and electronic artist whose work with CIS ranges from designing real time computer interactive systems, real time vision orchestration, new applications of telecommunications systems to deliver interactive art, as well as concept collaboration on direction image, choreography and technology interface. John is currently an artist-in-residence at RMIT's Interactive Information Institute, researching live interactive performance over the internet and realtime virtual theatre environments. Currently his work centers around motion capture and allied means of enabling performers to engage in shared computer-enhanced spaces.

Company in Space is based in Melbourne, founded by co-directors John Mc Cormick and Hellen Sky. The company has consistently pioneered applications of new technology to movement. The provocative works create dialogues between our visual, aural and kinetic perceptions, and exist in a number of media; live performance installations, video and interactive virtual spaces accessed from anywhere in the world. These include ISDN telematic performance, interactive Web TV and VRML worlds. Their work has gained international recognition, and has been in a range of international festivals bridging the arenas of new media art and performance.


website: http://www.companyinspace.com