Armand Terruli


(bodydataspace, London/UK)


Armand Terruli is a video artist and fully qualified architect of fifteen years who has diversified his design output through interactive exhibition design, audio/visual work, vjing and into responsive environments.

Armand has designed and project managed galleries at the National Maritime Museum, the Saudi Pavilion at Lisbon Expo and the Faith Zone at the Millennium Dome. He has recently worked for Vector Special Projects designing lightweight inflatable ETFE structures for the Eden Project, Magna and Kingsdale School with the worldıs largest variable skin/op-art roof, illustrating expertise in display technologies and intelligent cladding for buildings.

Armand has collaborated and project managed many complex multi-disciplinary teams and handled jobs up to £5 million on site using well-structured partnering initiatives. Armand became became associated with the Raya multi-media collective in 1998, which has allowed for fruitful collaborations with a range of artists and clients such as Big Chill, Soxan, Future Physical, Yeast productions and the British Council. He is currently an active member of the burgeoning VJ video art scene performing live regularly in the UK and internationally.

He is Co-Creative Director of bodydataspace with Ghislaine Boddington