Alastair Bannerman





Alastair Bannerman is currently based in London and has been involved as a composer with various computer technologies for a number of years. In addition, he has been active as a dance accompanist in various London schools for a while and has a keen interest on the relations between music and dance. In 2002-3 he attended the one year course in composition and computer music at IRCAM, Paris. During his time there he worked extensively with 'real-time' music software, which allows immediate interaction between performer(s) and computer. Together with a team of engineers and Max/MSP experts, he worked on a system which could produce a spontaneous musical response to any physical gesture. He wanted this system to respond to the dynamic and accent of each movement, and to be flexible, so that either isolated movements, or the movement of the body as a whole, could have an effect. Alastair aimed to create a work in which two performers, a musician and a dancer, interacted in different complex ways, with the live sound generated by the system acting as an intermediary. This work, Connected Spaces, was premiered in October 2003. Since then, he haa worked with this system at the Laban Center, London, and he has also made a presentation on his work at the SoundMoves Conference, Roehampton University, November 2005.