Digital Cultures Lab


Motion at the Edge


Film Programme, curated by Anna Douglas

Saturday, December 3, as part of the Sandfield Centre Dance Concert


Motion at the Edge features a series of six films, stunning examples of contemporary crossovers between video, dance and performance art. In these works video is used as a creative tool rather than just a means of recording dance or performance. The projected images of carefully choreographed camerawork enable a remoteness of settings and intimacy of viewpoints that is rarely possible in theatre-based performances. In work by Gina Czarnecki, Grace Ndiritu, Chris.Dugrenier and Katharina Mayer, the body movements are edited into staccato jitters, ritualisations, repetitive fixations of minimalist states of entrancement. Rosemary Butcher's "Vanishing Point" features a figure traversing a desert of hallucinatory ambiguities. David Hinton creates a dance piece by slicing together archive film stock of wild bird movements.


The Films:

Rosemary Butcher/Martin Otter, "Vanishing Point"

Gina Czarnecki"Infected"

Chris. Dugrenier, "Ascendance" [with Aerobatic > pilot Julian Murfitt]

David Hinton, "Birds"

Grace Ndiritu,"Arrested Development"

Katharina Mayer, "Romanz"


the Cube

audiovisual interactive installation



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